• Sia Kakkad was a social media star

  •  Talked to his manager last night

  •  Just shared the video on Insta Story 19 hours ago

Mumbai.  Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide on 14 June.  Now only 16-year-old tick talk star Sia Kakkar has committed suicide.  According to Sia's manager Arjun Sarina, the video album was discussed with Sia before her death.  She didn't look depressed at all at the time.

"Sia was fine and didn't seem to be bothered, but they still don't understand why Sia took such a step."

Shared a video just 5 days ago

 Sia also shared a video of herself dancing on her Instagram account just 5 days ago.  In this video, she is seen dancing to a Punjabi song.  He also shared the video on his Instagram story just a day ago.  Let me tell you that Sia has more than 91 thousand followers on Instagram.

 Committed suicide by choking

 According to a discussion on social media about Sia, she committed suicide by choking herself.  Sia lived in the Preet Vihar area of ​​Delhi.  He committed suicide here.  Siana had more than a million followers on Tiktok.  He was followed by more than one lakh users on Instagram.

 Photographer Viral Bhayani shared the news

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 Photographer Viray Bhayani shared the news of Siana's death.  Sia shared a video of herself on Insta Story at 4-5 pm before committing suicide.  In this video, Sia was seen dancing to the song "Sharabi Teri .."  Sia made this video five days ago and posted it on Instagram.  Sia committed suicide at home late at night.