Saininiu Laser, the owner of a diamond mine in northern Tanzania, Africa, has become rich by finding two rare gems worth about Rs 20 million.

  One of the gems weighs 4.5 kg and the other weighs 2.105 kg.  These two gems are considered to be the largest gems found in Tanzania.

 A diamond called Tanznite is found only in the diamond mines of the northern province of East Africa.

 Walls have been built around the area to prevent diamonds from being smuggled from the area to other countries or provinces. The Bank of Tanzania has purchased the diamonds.

  Pictures of the bank handing over the check to Sainineu Ledger were broadcast on local television. On the occasion, Tanzanian President John Magufuli called and congratulated Sainineau Laser.

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 This means that the benefit of the diamond does not go to the local government or the citizens.